Pattaya Escorts

Pattaya Escorts

Come in every shape, size, age and gender and are ready, willing and extremely able to fulfill your every fantasy. Escorts in Pattaya are dedicated to giving every male, female or couple the very best of service, wanting nothing more than to take you sexually to the greatest heights you will ever have experienced.

Pattaya Escorts take pride in ensuring every customer leaves them bubbling with joy and planning their next visit. Your dreams ensure you will be returning again and again. All Pattaya Escorts are Buddhist so have no hang-ups regards bodily functions. They see sex, in all its forms as totally natural and something to obtain the fullest satisfaction possible from.

There is far less stigma in Thailand than found in western countries for those seeking a better income by offering their services as Escorts. Indeed, Pattaya Escorts will be delighted to offer you experiences you only ever dreamed of when alone and dare not even share with friends.

Pattaya Escorts and couples

Couples often long for the excitement of having a third person join them sexually, that is not a problem in Pattaya. It is totally normal for Thai women to be very tactile with each other, always touching and hugging each other, yes even intimately. So, you will have no problem in finding a lady from among the Pattaya escorts to follow, or perhaps lead you into new and wondrous experiences.

Finding Pattaya escorts therefore who are willing, even happy and excited to work together, to meet a single persons longing for a threesome is not a problem and due to the mischievous nature of many Thai ladies is tremendous fun. Something every red blooded many should experience at least once.

Ladyboy escorts

The eastern attitude towards sex goes even further than that, which is why there are so many ladyboys, also known as kathoey’s. Ladyboys, is a popular term used in Thailand when referring to transsexual women. They are recognized almost from birth and again there is no stigma attached to their leanings by either their parents or others in the community.

There are many ladyboys offering their service as Pattaya Escorts and they are very often respected for their fashion sense and make-up skills being sort after by female escorts for help and advice i those areas. They are also sort as escorts by the more adventurous couples who have reached a point in their relationship where they are secure enough to disregard boundaries other might not dare to try yet.

It is fair to say though that the majority of Ladyboy Escorts are sort after by men secure in their own sexuality who merely want to taste all that life has to offer. In fact, many men have selected a Pattaya Escort thinking they were selecting a female only to find out that the stunningly beautiful lady is a ladyboy who opens new desires for them.

Ladyboy Escort often come with their own preferences; some will service lady clients whilst other are unable to do so. Equally some are able to offer full service to  their male clients by offering them penetration, while some others are unable to do so. Only willing to play that part themselves, as they truly identify as women.

Pattaya Escorts, where can you find them?

So where can you find this varied assortment of beautiful and willing Escorts. Pattaya escorts are easily found, however finding one, of any gender, where you can also find a reassuring level of security is more difficult. For those visitors new to the hobby  it is often the best and more secure to seek company via an Escort Agency.

There are multiple Agencies easily found online so what is the benefit of using one of them? Firstly you have a point of contact, which just meeting someone say on the beach does not give you. You are also able to talk with someone regards what you are looking for in an escort, the services that they offer and if those meet your expectations.

You can also inquire regards their language skills and dress attire if you intending to go out for the day/evening, maybe to dinner or a show and want an escort to accompany you.

Pattaya Escorts working for an agency will have had their identity checked and by selecting a professional agency, such as Devils Den Thailand, who are also renowned for their stringent health checks you can avoid both risk and disappointment.

Freelance Escorts

Freelance escorts can be found dancing in clubs, sat drinking in bars or even in known areas such as Beach Road. In addition to that many now offer their services online. The main problem with this means of meeting/selecting an escort is one of trust, for you will not know who they really are, not dissimilar to striking up a conversation with an unknown person on something such as Facebook, but much more risky.

You will have no knowledge other than what they elect to tell you, of their health checks, services or the location of their accommodation if not using your own. With such scant knowledge there is always going to be a risk, especially for lone women and those new to using escorts for the first time.

In Summary

A Pattaya Escort is a person offering services ranging from companion, tourist guide, dinner companion as well as a sexual partner should both parties agree to such as consenting adults.  Pattaya escorts can make your visit more fun, having knowledge of the local points of interest, good places to eat and naturally helping you to relax. The cost will vary based on many things and without doubt Agency escorts are by far the safest route for anybody who lacks experience with retaining an escorts service.

Walking the streets and meeting up with someone who offers their service could be very unwise not to mention unsafe. A Pattaya escort from a renowned and respected Escort agency will always be the safest and in the end most satisfactory way secure such service.  Irrespective as to if you are seeking a female or ladyboy escort. Alternatively you could contact us for advice.


Prostitution in Pattaya

Pattaya has for decades been known as the sex capital of the world. Although prostitution has been practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years. In truth it only started to earn its reputation in the late 60’S when US forces started arriving for R&R, a term in the military meaning Rest & Recuperation. Until that time Pattaya was a sleepy fishing village, but the reputation it gained from USA service men once the Vietnam war was finished lead to it becoming a major tourist destination. Especially for those seeking adult entertainment of the sexual kind.

Speaking from a legislative perspective prostitution is illegal in Thailand. However, that lack of legality has not stopped it from flourishing, not only in Pattaya but also in most other major Thai tourist areas. You will find Thai ladies, mainly from poor rural areas, offering sexual services to visitors openly.

Unlike Escorts and prostitutes elsewhere in the world Thai women offer their services with far more charm, it was inevitable therefore that the term GFE (Girl Friend Experience) became so popular on their shores. Regrettably for some people that standard of service is now seen less often as the cinema and mobile phones have made those following this profession somewhat wiser.

So, what is the cost of these sexual services, you might really ask how long a piece of string is.  Depending on the quality of the lady it can be anywhere from 500Thb for full sex, ($15US at this present time), to above 4,000Thb (again approx. $125US). The nationality of those seeking sex will also have bearing on the price, with Japanese and Koreans being amongst the highest payers.

Average prices are just that, and you can find ladies working in less reputable areas who are willing to take care of a customer for as little as 200Thb for full sex or even if times a slow 100Thb for a swift blowjob.

So, Is Pattaya still amongst the top sexual tourist spots in the world, absolutely and with so many diverse places for you to secure a prostitute from, Indeed they are not known as prostitute, rather a mixture of titles the most common term being  “working girls”, “masseuse”, “Gogo Dancer”, “Escort” and even the Coconut ladies to be found walking along the beach road, where many palm tree grow, selling the ware to those seeking a swift short-time liaison.

Finally, there are actual brothels, these are harder to find though and usually the domain of local Thai men. Visiting one of these you may well find yourself far from welcome indeed in some even threatened. Therefore, should you stumble across one when out walking you are well advised to merely pass by and respect it the local domain.




Massage Parlours what extras do they offer

One of the true joys that you can readily and cheaply indulge in during your stay in Thailand is massage in all its form. Foot massage being immensely popular and can be found everywhere in Pattaya, indeed almost as easily as the ubiquitous 7/11 convenience stores. Whilst at the other end of the spectrum there is the highly erotic Nuru Massage from Japan

So what services are on offer, the majority of salons on main roads and within hotels straight forward massage will be the order of the day. The prices will differ according to the location and the ambience of the establishment with Hotel being at the higher end where their Spa treatments can match European prices.

General massage to be found on every street will offer massages at a similar rate:

Thai Massage        1 Hour    250Thb    – Foot Massage         1 Hour    250Thb

Back & Shoulder   1 Hour    350Thb    – Neck & shoulder    1 Hour    350Thb

Pure Oil Massage 1 Hour    500Thb     – Aroma Therapy      1 Hour    650Thb

These establishments normally offer everybody’s understanding of what to expect from a massage salon. Their staff are invariably in some form of uniform and are middle aged women.

In Pattaya and other areas of Thailand though you will find a plethora of Massage salons that take massage several steps beyond the norm. These can usually be easily recognized by the lack of uniforms and the staff who tend to be younger, sat outside the establishment in sexy and revealing outfits. They will also be found trying to entice passing ‘trade’ in both verbally and by their body language.

The normal massage prices will be found written on the windows or on sandwich boards outside, but these salons are all about the “extras” available once inside. The vast number do not have separate rooms but usually boast a single long room with curtained off areas which contain a bed and enough room for the Masseuse to work.

Do not expect your massage here to be very awarding, after all you are there for the extras. These extra services are only available once you are laid out naked on the massage bed. It is there you will negotiate for the type of extra and its cost. These run from a simple hand-job, (masturbation, wank), which will generally be available for about 500Thb depending upon your experience and negotiation skills. From that point both the price and service increases, from a hand-job to oral sex, for the blow-job such niceties as cum-in-mouth, cum-on-face may well add to the cost but will start at 750Thb and climb upwards. Finally, there will be full sex on offer, which could well include all these previous mentioned services along with vaginal penetration and indeed anal also, always subject to how much. Full sex with vaginal penetration would start at about 1,000Thb, rising towards 1,500Thb for penetration of all orifices.

What must be remembered that in the majority of establishments offer these services you are in a long room divided only by flimsy curtains and with nothing but a communal shower once the deed is done, so it may not suit the shy or fainthearted.



Oral sex fixation?

Pattaya for those who delight in Fellatio, known more commonly as, oral sex: blowjob: Getting head: Gobble: Lip service: Yum Yum:  and locally in Thailand as: smoking. Name it what you will a blowjob resides close to most men’s hearts. The ultimate self-indulgence laid back with his favorite alcoholic tipple at hand whilst a skilled and enthusiastic practitioner of sucking cock goes to work on him.

If this is your dream, then Pattaya is your idea of paradise. Blowjobs are readily available from sitting somewhat secluded on the beach to full on specialty blowjobs bars. These bars on first inspection look like any other bars with seating, stools, couches, tables and chairs for groups of guys to sit at having a few drinks and relax. Either inside the bar or sat outside there will be ladies scantily dressed waiting to be selected to join a customer, perhaps offered a drink.

That however is but a façade, for the ladies in these establishments specialize in one specific area of human sexual activity, giving head. Somewhere, upstairs or in small backroom there will be curtained off areas where the lady you selected will take you.  Sitting you down, often on a reclining chair, she will proceed to  remove your clothes from the area she is interested in and using wet towels clean your masculine parts before kneeling between your legs  and taking your cock into her mouth and beginning the service you are there for.

Is this all that is available for those looking for oral sex, not at all, there are multiple other establishments to be found that whilst not being blow-job specialty bars they do have darkened entrances. In such places readily found on LK Metro and Soi 6 full sex service is on offer by the ladies working there. However, they are equally happy to give you just a blowjob, upstairs in a room or curtained area.

In many such bars, located on the smaller street and avenues, secure from observation from those passing by on the street outside the ladies will willing go down on guys who do not suffer from shyness and  happily get to sucking their cock whilst they sit at the bar  talking with friends or watching the bar TV. Indeed, there are even gogo bars that have seating in darker areas of the club that girls whilst not dancing will give men quick blow-jobs, for a price.

Obviously, the price for such services differ, with bars specializing in oral sex usually charging more, between 800Thb -1,000Thb, subject sometimes to the ladies known skill. There are also many “Gentlemen’s clubs” scattered throughout Pattaya, often locate in the less salubrious areas in which you can seek instant service. There are even areas such as Bush Mountain where the price is as low as 50Thb – 100Thb but these are not advisable for the novice or first-time tourist.


Pattays dark under-belly

Does Pattaya truly have a dark side, are the stories seen in the daily rags any truer than so much of the other misinformation we are fed. Pattaya is far safer than the majority of western cities with the application of common sense you are far less to find yourself in a difficult situation in Thailand than most other countries.

Thailand including Pattaya is without doubt or question one of this world’s most stunning, exotic and truly beautiful Countries for tourist to come to, the biggest problem for most visitors is the fact that most will want to return. Obviously in keeping with most other countries it does have it downside but generally nothing that a friendly attitude and a smile cannot fix.

There are somethings it is wise to avoid, getting into arguments with Thai people is never wise nor necessary. Generally speaking, be it negotiating for goods in a marketplace or saying sorry for bumping into someone, do either with a smile. A smile in Thailand says more that words can express and can rescue you from the majority of misunderstandings you may run into.

The main form of transportation around Pattaya is a Songthaews, sometimes called Baht Buses. These are converted pickup trucks with a double row of seats in the rear. They are frequent, cheap and convenient on their set routes and are used by Thais and Tourists alike. There are no set stops you merely flag one down and without speaking to the driver jump in the back. You press a buzzer located in the roof when you want to get off, when you walk to the front and pay the driver 10Thb per person if you are traveling around Pattaya itself. It is wise to keep small change with you when using the Songthaews, as drivers may well mistake any larger amounts as Tips and drive off with your change.

If using a Taxi request the driver uses the meter, by law he cannot refuse to do so however should he, quoting a fixed price instead merely smile, thank him and move on to the next one.

Pattaya is not solely about the sex trade and such areas can easily be avoided. There is so much more for you to enjoy, there are Cultural shows and Cabarets to match some of those in Paris. Just outside of Pattaya but easy and cheaply to reach you will find places such as The Legend, Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, The Sanctuary of Truth and closer in the famous Tiffany’s Show. There are wonderful beaches to be found close by in Jomtien or Naklua.  Children will adore the Cartoon network Waterpark. There is so much more, The Floating market the list goes on and there are things for every age group. Try researching a few videos to help give you a taste of what to expect before leaving home.